What Is Google local guide program? Step By Step Guide

These days, when folks want info about local spots like shops, restaurants, or cool places to visit, they often rely on what other people say online. Google noticed how important these opinions are and started the Local Guide Program. It’s like a big group of volunteers worldwide who share their thoughts by writing reviews, posting pics, and updating Google Maps. But it’s not just about helping others – Google gives points and badges to people who join in, making it feel like a team and motivating everyone to keep taking part.

Our blog post will dig into how the Google Local Guide Program works. We’ll talk about how to earn points and badges, and we’ll show you what perks you can get from being part of this community. Keep an eye out to find out how you can make the most of this program and all the cool stuff it offers!

What Is The Google Local Guide Program?

The Google Local Guide program is like a fun game that rewards people for helping improve Google Maps and business profiles. When you share reviews or add info, you earn points. Collect enough points and you level up, unlocking cool badges. These badges show next to your name in Google Maps, letting everyone know you’re an expert. It’s a way to show off your knowledge and help others find good places.

Common Badge Types in the Google Local Guide Program

Badges aren’t just medals; they show you’re really good at different things. In the Google Local Guide Program, there are special badges you can earn:

  • Explorer Badge: You get this when you add your first place on Google Maps.
  • Photographer Badge: If you upload lots of photos to Google Maps, you’ll earn this one.
  • Reviewer Badge: When you write a bunch of reviews, you get this badge.
  • Fact Finder Badge: You get this for giving useful info like opening times or addresses.
  • Rising Star Badge: This badge is for being really active and helpful in the Local Guides group.
  • Expert Badge: When you know a lot about a specific category or place, you’ll earn this badge.
  • Trailblazer Badge: You get this badge for exploring and reviewing new places that nobody else has checked out before.

The Local Guides community is a cool group where people share what they know to make Google Maps better. By earning these badges, you don’t just get rewards and recognition—you also help millions of people using Google Maps all around the world.

How to Earn the Google Local Guide Program
Points, Levels & Badges

Google Maps rewards users through its Points, Levels & Badges system, encouraging active participation in enhancing the platform’s information. The contributions that earn points include diverse actions like writing reviews of various lengths, rating businesses, uploading media, answering queries, editing details, and verifying information. Additionally, specific tasks like adding places or roads and fact-checking also accumulate points. These points determine your progression within the Local Guide program, with higher levels unlocking additional benefits.

ContributionPoints Earned
Write a review10
Write a 200+ character review20
Rate a business1
Upload a photo5
Tag a photo3
Upload a video7
Respond to Q&As3
Edit information5
Add a place15
Add a road15
Check a fact1
Publish an eligible list10
Write a description (in list)5

The Local Guide program spans ten levels, each requiring an increasing number of points for advancement. Starting at Level 1 with no set point threshold, users ascend through the ranks, eventually reaching Level 10 at 100,000 points. Notably, at Level 4 and beyond, participants receive badges that are showcased alongside their name on Google Maps, signifying their dedication and expertise.

LevelsPoints Required
Level 10
Level 215
Level 375
Level 4250
Level 5500
Level 61,500
Level 75,000
Level 815,000
Level 950,000
Level 10100,000

The Benefits of Being a Local Guide

Being a Local Guide comes with lots of perks that are perfect for people who love exploring and sharing their experiences. Here are some cool things you get:

  • Fancy Badges: When you help out by sharing reviews and pictures, you can earn badges. These show off what you’re good at in different places.
  • Special Treats: Sometimes, Google invites active Local Guides to special events. Plus, you might get to test new features on Google Maps before anyone else.
  • Useful Stuff: Depending on how much you help, you could get more space on Google Drive. Also, in some areas, you might get discounts or special deals from local shops.
  • Joining a Gang: When you join the Local Guides gang, you meet others who love exploring too. They cheer you on and celebrate what you do.
  • Making a Big Difference: Your reviews and tips help others find cool places. Plus, when you support local businesses, you help them grow online.

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