The Epic Presidential Debate: Biden vs. Trump Showdown 2024

As the political divide widens and with the highest-ever declared presidency stakes, the 2024 Presidential debate between President Joe Biden and ex-president Donald Trump is pending to be one of the most important ones in USA history. The CNN Presidential debate is going to be a turning point of the campaign as it will allow the candidates to directly explain their agenda to American society. In this article, this author discusses what happens in this crucial confrontation and why Donald Trump failed in the last election. At the same time, he compares the programs and the political personalities of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. 

 Introduction: A Historic Presidential Debate 

 For the first time in the history of the United States, a sitting president and a former president will debate before conventions. This total win for the governor is one of the interesting features of the political setting in the election year 2024 and the increased measurability of the candidates. From the economic recovery up to the immigration, to national security matters, the Presidential debate is one which is likely to put into focus a vision which Biden and Trump have for America. 

Situation of the 2024 Presidential Debate

 The 2024 presidential debate takes place in an unstable political situation. The country is at an elevated inflation rate, abortion case in Supreme Court, and numerous issues in foreign policy. This is where Biden and Trump are to appear not as two contenders in the political struggle but as representatives of two contrary views of the future. The overall Presidential debate remains important in that it presents the candidates a unique chance of convincing the adverse party’s dissatisfied electorate. 

Reflection on Trump Presidency and the Why He Lost the 2020 Election

Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election can be attributed to several key factors:Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A lot of people viewed Trump’s handling of a pandemic as slow and completely inadequate. This situation contributed to the change of voter perception through the high number of deaths as well as economic losses that were attributed to the incident.
  • Racial and Social Tensions: His administration’s approach to the racial protests plus its stance on social justice issues cost his administration support from despised voters especially the minorities and the youth.
  • Economic Concerns: While the economy was good at the beginning of Trump’s presidency, the COVID-19 recession and the approach to and management of economic stimulus measures undermined his economic asset.
  • Personality and Conduct: These events such as impeachments, controversies coupled with Trump’s rough demeanour significantly reduced him moderate and independent voters.
  • Electoral Strategy: In the contest, Joe Biden’s campaign strategy also concentrated on swing states as well as Micro-targeted demographics that Trump won in 2016 to nail down Electoral votes.

Comparing Biden and Trump: Leadership Styles

Joe Biden:

  • Diplomatic and Empathetic: Biden is considered to be a very diplomatic person, who tends to show a lot of empathy; he tries to become a president who can unite people, hindering the gap between democrats and republicans.
  • Collaborative: He however, stresses the importance of bipartisanship or else called the ability to ‘reach-across’ for the passage of law.
  • Experienced: Biden appears to have much political experience because he has previously worked as a senator and served as the vice president of the United states.

Donald Trump:

  • Authoritative and Direct: Thus, Trump’s leadership can be identified as highly autocratic and oriented on the aggressive and uncomplicated decision-making that his followers appreciate.
  • Disruptive: He goes often into violation of the normal political practices and he presents himself as one who is against the system.
  • Transactional: Trump’s policies are very much utilitarian, he is more concerned with moving from point A to point B and getting a deal.

Economic Policies: A programme launched by the government aims to double the level of investment in a macro-sense of the term within digital organizations. 

 Biden’s Economic Policies: 

  • Build Back Better Plan: President’s electoral program, let’s look closer to what Biden said about the American economy, his vision for its future, and his key programs: Build Back Better Agenda, American Jobs Plan, American Families Plan. 
  • Tax Policy: He pertains to a vision which involves embracing progressive taxation in order to generate more revenues for the welfare of the society as well as to enhance receipts of progressive income which would decrease income inequality. 
  • Job Creation: Biden’s plan to generate millions of jobs is through spending in infrastructure, renewable energy, and technology industries. 

Trump’s Economic Policies: 

  • America First: Trump’s economic plan entails defending the American industries by putting tariffs and also the trade deals’ renegotiation. 
  • Tax Cuts: He believes that reduction of tax should be extended to the general public and companies in order to boost the economy. 
  •  Regulation Reduction: Large corporations are a source of funding for Trump’s campaign and thus, this candidate supports dismantling regulations in a bid to improve the business environment. 

Social Issues:

This essay will focus on the two related topic areas of abortion and healthcare and seek to understand which of these two has received more attention in healthcare. 


  • Biden’s Stance: Biden advocates for the improvement of women’s reproductive health care service through supporting the sanctity of Women’s reproductive services including abortion. 
  • Trump’s Stance: Trump is against abortion and has been backing actions to reduce its access, specifically he nominated conservative Supreme Court judges whose aim could be to nullify ROe VS Wade decision. 


  • Biden’s Plan: Biden wants to build on the Affordable Care Act, establish a state-based public health care option and reduce prescription drugs prices. 
  • Trump’s Plan: Trump has been the most direct with his plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and has voiced a preference for market-based solutions instead. 

Foreign Policy: Approaches and Effect 

Biden’s Foreign Policy: 

  • Multilateralism: Biden’s policy is based on partnerships and engagement in multilateral systems to meet world issues. 
  • Climate Change: He stresses on combating climate change and participation in international cooperation with such agreements as the Paris Accord. 
  • Diplomacy First: Biden supports international negotiations as an approach in confronting conflicts preferring not to employ armed forces, but rather trying to bring the United States to the leadership positions again. 

Trump’s Foreign Policy: 

  • America First: Trump cares for America’s interest and America’s sovereignty – he acts on his own and America pulls out of international agreements. 
  • Trade Deals: He concentrates on the re-establishment of trade relations in a way that serves the US workers and industries. 
  • Military Strength: Speaking of the military, Trump has been supporting it and promoting a forceful operation against global foes – Iran and North Korea, for example. 

Immigration Policies: Divergent Paths 

Biden’s Immigration Policy: 

  • Pathway to Citizenship: According to Biden, it is necessary to establish a legalization program for the undocumented immigrants and protect the individuals with the DACA status. 
  • Humanitarian Approach: His administration focuses on the respect of migrants’ rights with a focus on immigration enforcement policy changes. 
  • Visa Expansion: Another plan of Biden is to increase the legal immigration and fix the visa process to welcome skilled immigrants. 

Trump’s Immigration Policy: 

  • Border Security: Trump’s basic idea is to enhance the security of the borders and especially to construct the wall between Mexico and the United States of America. 
  • Restrictive Measures: He is for immigration enforcement and against the legalization of immigration. 
  • America First: Trump’s policy seeks to protect American employees by reducing the number of foreigners and immigrants in the United States of America. 

Proposals made for the 2024 Election 

Joe Biden’s Promises: 

  • Economic Recovery: Biden promises to keep on fixing the economy in terms of a green energy base, infrastructure and jobs. 
  • Healthcare Reform: He vows to increase availability of healthcare as well as its affordability in terms of cost particularly regarding prescription drugs. 
  • Protecting Democracy: Joe Biden aims to protect such values as democracy and counteracting the violations of the rule of law. 

Donald Trump’s Promises: 

  • Economic Growth: Trump promises to slash taxes even more, roll back rules and reclaim factories and jobs for the American people. 
  • Immigration Control: There is a promise to build the additional 2020 kilometres of the border wall and strengthen measures concerning immigration. 
  • Law and Order: They plan to bring back law and order to increase public safety, decrease crime rates, and back up the police departments. 

Effectiveness of the Debate on the Voters 

It may well turn out to be the turning point in the 2024 elections; The Presidential debate will determine what the remaining course of the campaign’s narrative will be with regards to the undecided voter group. Each candidate will work to prevent any slip-ups and convey the image of the ablest person to be trusted with the fate of the country during the time of turmoil and transition. The possible effects of the Presidential debate outcome are quite profound with regard to the changes in voters’ perceptions and the direction of the electoral campaign. 

Qualifications and Debate Details


When it comes to this kind of presidential debate, there will only be two people – Biden and Trump. In order to run for presidency, the candidate has to fulfil the requirements stated in the constitution of the United States as per the Article II, section 1 of the constitution and also file a declaration of intent with the Federal Election Commission. The candidates also must be on enough state ballots to feasibly garner 270 electoral votes and have 15 percent support in four distinct nationwide polls containing registered or likely voters, per CNN’s guidelines established in May. 

The polls that are cited by CNN for such purposes includes CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, Marquette University Law School, Monmouth University, NBC News, The New York Times/Siena College, NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist College, Quinnipiac University, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. Biden and Trump were the only candidates who complied with these conditions. 

Presidential Debate Rules: 

The Presidential debate will have two commercials, in which the staff of the candidates are prohibited from talking to the candidates themselves. The candidates will be placed on equal platforms and the microphones will not be allowed to be used by anyone but the candidate being addressed. It is important for the candidates to know that no props or notes should be taken to the stage; however, a pen, pad of paper, and a bottle of water shall be provided to each candidate. The Presidential debate will happen without a live and enthusiastic audience. 

Presidential Debate Date, Timings & Where to watch:

The Presidential debate will be held on Thursday, June 27, at 9:00 p. m. ET and will be conducted at CNN’s studios in Atlanta. This will be aired live on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Español. The Presidential debate will also be accessible for streaming for Max’s subscribers and CNN. com, but you don’t need a cable login to watch it. Some other networks may also broadcast the Presidential debate at the same time. Audiences can catch the live coverage on will consist of content analysis and verifying information.

Conclusion of Presidential Debate

In the scope of this publication, the concept ‘the future at stake’ is interpreted as indicating the certainty that new technologies would bring about large-scale social change and threaten the current social order. 

Overall, in this historic Presidential debate, Biden and Trump are competitors who can no longer handle the consequences of their policies. The outcome will not only Crown the next president of the United States but also dictate the future of America. When important concerns such as the economy, healthcare, and security are at stake, the Presidential debate provides a critical chance for both candidates to convince the electorate, whose biased and divided nation serves as a backdrop.

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