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Ulike Hair Removal Device Review: Perfection of Ulike IPL

In the past, getting rid of unwanted body hair required booking an appointment at a spa for a laser hair removal session. However, this method often proved to be expensive. In response to this, several companies recognized the need and developed at-home laser hair removal devices that offered similar benefits at a fraction of the cost. This innovation led to the rise of various brands, including the renowned Ulike. 

Ulike Hair Removal is an advanced device that utilizes IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology for effective laser hair removal. In this article, we are presenting the Ulike Hair Removal review.

Which is the Best IPL Hair Removal Device?

Are you in search of the top IPL hair removal device? To get the best hair removal product, you need to look for certain features. Here, we are describing what to look for while shopping for the best IPL hair removal device –

Safety Features

Certain IPL hair removal devices include safety features such as sensors that prevent flashing when your skin tone is too dark or when the product is not properly positioned on the skin. Additionally, since IPL includes a broad spectrum of light that may contain damaging UV wavelengths, it is essential to ensure the device has a filter that blocks out UV light. Always verify the presence of a UV filter to protect your skin.

Automatic Light Intensity Adjustment

If you prefer a hassle-free IPL hair removal experience, consider devices equipped with automatic light intensity adjustment. These devices can detect your skin tone and adjust the light intensity accordingly. By eliminating the need for manual adjustment using a skin tone chart or trial and error, they provide convenience and ease of use.

FDA Clearance

When an IPL hair removal device is FDA-cleared, it signifies that it has undergone evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration, ensuring its safety and effectiveness for consumer use. Choosing an IPL device with FDA clearance guarantees that it meets the necessary standards and functions as intended without causing harm when used as instructed.

Clear Instructions

Whether you are new to IPL or an experienced user, it is important to read the provided instructions before operating the device. Look for IPL products that come with comprehensive instruction booklets or seek out online resources and video tutorials to familiarize yourself with the proper usage and maximize the benefits of the device.

Design and Attachments

Consider the areas of your body where you intend to remove hair. You can search for IPL devices with attachments designed for smaller, bony, or curved areas like the upper lip, fingers, toes, and chin. Having suitable attachments ensures effective treatment in various body areas.

Cord Length

Ensure that the IPL device has a cord with sufficient length to offer flexibility during use. For enhanced versatility, consider cordless options that provide greater freedom of movement.

Number of Flashes

Flashes refer to the swift bursts of light produced by the lamp of an IPL hair removal device, aimed at the skin for treatment. Like standard light bulbs, these lamps can eventually burn out. Some IPL devices have a limited number of flashes before requiring cartridge or device replacement. Opting for a device with a higher number of flashes is advantageous. However, newer IPL devices often offer unlimited flashes, eliminating concerns about lamp burnout and allowing for a lifetime of smooth skin.

Money-back Offers

If you are uncertain about IPL and its suitability for your needs, consider brands that offer money-back guarantees. This allows you to try the device and, if unsatisfied or not achieving the desired results, return it for a refund.

Ulike Laser Hair Removal Device: Best One In The Market

The Ulike Laser Hair Removal device is one of the best hair-removing handsets in the current market. You can bid farewell to all the traditional hair-removing methods as this hair-removing device provides you with salon-quality results without requiring going outside. It uses cutting-edge IPL technology which inhibits the growth of your unwanted hair and makes your skin flawlessly hair free. 

This device comes with three different operating modes for various parts of the body. It can minimize any pain from the zap with its cooling sensation (at 20 degrees Celsius). You will find safety goggles and a razor in the packaging. You can also customize your unique skin and hair color through treatment settings.


  • Equipped with the necessary accessories for effective hair removal such as a razor and goggles.
  • Incorporating advanced cooling technology, the laser hair removal procedure becomes significantly more soothing and gentle to the body.
  • The laser hair removal treatment is suitable for the entire body.
  • Ulike ensures a safe and comfortable experience by utilizing light technology.
  • The purchase of Ulike is safeguarded by a 90-day money-back guarantee, providing buyers with added protection and assurance.


  • Individuals with skin disorders or conditions such as eczema and allergic dermatitis should refrain from using this product.

Does Ulike Chinese Hair Removal Work?

Certainly! Ulike hair removal devices are specifically engineered to efficiently eliminate unwanted hair. By harnessing IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, these devices precisely target the melanin in hair follicles, leading to a long-lasting reduction in hair growth. 

First, you need to shave all the visible hair using the provided razor. After removing all the visible hair, take the IPL safety goggles from the package and wear them. It is recommended to use the Power operating mode. After switching it over to your desired setting, press the treatment button and start the work. The light would go off and zap the areas effectively. You have to move it over to a new area each time. 

To ensure each area, you need to press the button each time to activate the laser. Also, you can hold the button for two seconds to activate the “gliding” mode which is better for larger areas of the body, such as the legs.

Is Ulike IPL Safe?

Ulike’s IPL technology prioritizes safety and is deemed safe for use when following the provided instructions. The inclusion of multiple safety features guarantees a dependable and secure hair removal process. To ensure the utmost safety and effectiveness, it is advisable to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and precautions.

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Ulike Hair Removal Reviews

Indigo –

To be completely honest, I was apprehensive about the potential discomfort associated with using the Ulike Sapphire AIR3 device. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was virtually painless. The sensation I experienced can be best described as small zaps, akin to a gentle tickle or tingling on my skin. Moreover, the device itself is lightweight and easy to handle, and I found the instructions to be extremely straightforward. While I cannot yet comment on the reduction of hair density or hair count, as it requires multiple sessions with intervals of one or two weeks in between, I remain optimistic that with consistent use, I will start noticing visible improvements within a few months.

Dana –

Since using Ulike, my hair growth has significantly slowed down, especially on my legs. Previously, my hair would grow back within a few hours of shaving, but now, after four weeks of using Ulike, I can notice a difference. Shaving has become a much smoother experience, and I no longer have to deal with constant prickliness. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing the results after completing four weeks of using Ulike. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this hair-removing product.

Sara –

I am amazed by the remarkable performance of this compact device. It wasn’t until the fourth week that I truly began to appreciate its effectiveness, and that’s when I realized the incredible benefits of its painless operation, all thanks to its innovative ice-cooling technology.

FAQ for Ulike IPL Hair Removal

Q1: Does Ulike hair removal provide permanent results?

Ulike is an effective permanent hair removal device that can be used on all parts of the body. Within 8 weeks of using Ulike IPL, noticeable results should be seen, with permanent results becoming evident within 1 to 2 weeks.

Q2: What is the returns policy for Ulike?

Ulike provides a 90-day return period after receiving your purchase. Please note that a 10% restocking fee will be applied for unopened products, while a 30% restocking fee will be charged for opened products.

Q3: What are the shipping policies of Ulike?

Ulike provides two shipping options: ground shipping, which typically takes 5 to 7 business days, and expedited shipping, which usually takes 2 to 4 business days. They do offer international shipping; however, free shipping is only available to North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


In this article, we have presented the Ulike IPL Hair Removal review. We have talked about everything related to Ulike hair removal device and more! After discovering the information, we would highly suggest you try using this hair removal handset and achieve a flawless smooth skin. It doesn’t even cost you that much money compared to other hair removing methods. 

With its ice-cooling technology and advanced features, you won’t feel any kind of burning on your skin during the treatment. So try out Ulike IPL Hair Removal now! And you can always let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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