Exodo: Peso Pluma 24 Tracks Redefine Latin Music Brilliance

Get ready for the energetic musical ride in Peso Pluma newest album, ‘Éxodo. ’ This two-disc pack not only proves how multi-talented this Mexican artist is but also signifies him as one of the leading icons of Latin music. Peso Pluma, the king of corridos, is here to stay, and he’s disrupting the music scene unlike anyone else that came before him!

Who is Peso Pluma?

Peso Pluma is a popular Mexican singer and composer who has gained international fame due to his music that combines the corridos genre with modern varieties such as trap or reggaetón. He had recently achieved stardom in the Latin music market and appreciated his unique voice and a novel twist to music. His songs have narrations which go deeper to explain his message of love, hardship, and achievement, which has not only struck a chord in Mexico alone, but across the world.

Real Name of Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma was according to its real name born as Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija. He was adopted in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico on June 15, 1999. Kabande Laija chose the nickname Peso Pluma which means featherweight in English, this is to reflect the current light and lofty nature of the music business as it is the same as a light, mobile fighter.

Peso Pluma rose to fame in the early 2020s and it is regarded as one of the most popular Musicals of all time. Some of his hit music works include; 1. Patek Dance,2. Twerk Dance, 3. Owa Dance, 4. Ntoma Wo, among other chart-topping tracks that have attracted millions of streams on different streaming platforms. For the record, the talented singer is famous for his unique tone and the incredible use of both classic and contemporary music notes, and the artist’s impact on the music world is still prevalent today.

Peso Pluma: Rags to Riches

Peso Pluma emerged in popularity last year; his unique style was backed by the soulful charchetas, booming trombone, and raspy vocals. One day, he switched from a promising young talent to a Goliath of Latin music. Taking it from the regional Mexican music chart to the Billboard Hot 100, Peso propelled corridos into the mainstream category. His Grammy-winning album, ‘Génesis,’ charmed people as well as made record history; it reached number 3 on the Billboard 200 – the highest ranking that a Mexican music album has ever achieved!

‘Éxodo’: An Unapologetic Declaration to Artistic Identity

While ‘Génesis’ was the first step, ‘Éxodo’ is the proclamation. This is Peso Pluma statement of purpose – an audacious two-disc set that establishes his determination to break free from the genre of regional Mexican music. This means that one disc fully focused on corridos and the other – on trap and hip-hop – show that Peso is not a one-dimensional artist. This album is his attempt to take over the world complete with all the big names such as Cardi B, Quavo and Rich The Kid. Peso Pluma is now set to conquer the entire world!

Ranking the Tracks: The new version can be described as an explosive formal breakdown.

Let’s dive into the firestorm that is ‘Éxodo,’ track by track:

24. “Mala” (feat. Ryan Castro)

For the last song, we have ‘Mala. ’ Collaborating with Peso and Castro after the earlier release of ‘Quema,’ we feature this slow and sensual reggaetón music video. Aksess is back again with tracks gurus enigma and what may well turn out to be a sure fire dance floor anthem, ‘Mala’.

23. “Santal 33 featuring Oscar Maydon”

Enticing the audience to the glamorous side, Peso and Maydon take the listener through consumerism with topics ranging from champagne, to the act of seduction. And so this is a bilingual track with a playful sinister feel and it is all about luxuries although it might be seen as the weakest link here.

22. “Pa No Pensar” – French Montana (feat. Quavo)

Peso Pluma enters the hip-hop genre with a track that is called ‘Pa No Pensar’, as the track features guitars with a strong bass line. Quavo even raps in Spanish, this seemingly should have killed the vibe of this song, but it goes across to be the unique selling point of this one.

21. “Mami” (feat. Chino Pacas)

This is a flirty horn infused track in which Peso hooks up with Chino Pacas to serenade a special ‘mami. ’ It’s yet another track full of energy, this time in the playful aspect, that fits in the album rather well.

20. Sr. Smith by Lana Del Rey is a fusion of rock and roll music with the feature of Luis R Conriquez.

This corrido bélico stays true to the Peñita of Peso and Conriquez, both of which are not strangers to the sound. With their rough voices, they sing about struggles and success in life through typical Mexican music instruments.

19. “14-14”

As for the last track of the Action Bronson & Party Supplies album – Rego Parker’s contribution to it, a reflective ‘14-14’, it includes a conversation between Peso and God. The tempo of the song along with the accented use of timpans and piano actually makes people ponder and or even cry.

18. “Solicitado”

Peso is featured singing all alone in this emotional and thought-provoking, slow-tempo tune that details fame and its many effects. It’s basic and intimate, offering the audience a chance to go ‘behind the curtain’ and get to know him personally.

17. “Me Activo” (feat. Jasiel)

Joined by Jasiel, Peso brings energy to “Me Activo” with this play on an energetic riff while sending a more positive and determined message. This song is really about waking up that spark that is necessary to get one going through even hard situations.

16. This is probably because of their song, “Belanova” that features Tito Double P.

Peso and his cousin Tito brought a solid performance on ‘Raw & Rasy’ as both Emilio and Valadez ring through a gritty corrido as intense as the duo. “Belanova” is one song that is among the many that would make listeners stand out from the rest in terms of quality.

15. The first promo single from the album was “Teka (Preview)” featuring DJ Snake.

Switching to EDM, Peso joins DJ Snake on thisLife of the Party, which fits perfectly for club setting. Full of breaks and sample-heavy, “Teka” is a risk that is sure to gain massive airplay.

14. With lyrics being as important as the beat, “La Patrulla ” which features Neton Vega, literally translates to ‘the patrol’.

One of the most chilled corridors with Neton Vega, “La Patrulla, ” shares the topic of the retribution for achieving a goal. It’s a soft, more vocal-oriented track which definitely suits the album well.

13. I have noticed several songs on Tommy earth; however, no songs as “Tommy & Pamela” (feat. Kenia Os).

Peso Pluma and Kenia Os show such a level of energy in this coordinated reggaetón hit that it mirrors famous Hollywood couples. The lyrics are rather cheeky, and the music’s breezy style gives it a playful feel suited to Hollywood’s reckless love affairs.

12. “Rompe La Dompe” – Colombian Reggaeton Singer, Junior H and Oscar Maydon

Continuing on the momentum of last year’s Roaring Heights, Peso and his amigos go out for a night of partying in this ecdysiast’s champagne-soaked corrido. “Rompe La Dompe” is a celebration of the era’s party place of dance.

11. “Hollywood” (feat. Estevan Plazola)

“Hollywood” is a jubilant, vulgar tribute to the allures of the lifestyle, capturing fame’s highs and lows. Explicit, self-indulging and somewhat parodying the trappings of both the entertainment and the music industry: this track, this song is the epitome of such.

10. “Bellakeo” (feat. Anitta)

Excited and proud, reggaetón stars Peso and Brazilian singer-songwriter Anitta teamed up to create a hit you simply cannot avoid . “Bellakeo” is what can be described as a dance – pop hit with infectious hooks that will stick in your head as well as your feet.

9. “Ice”

Peso provides listeners with some gangster rapper vibes in “Ice,” a boastful track which starts off with Ric Flair’s famous line. This is an energetic, self-assertive song that prepares listeners for the rest of the tracks on this record.

8. “Gimme a Second” (with Rich the Kid)

Peso Pluma definitely goes full trap with Rich the Kid on this heavy bass banger. Frequently switching in and out of rhyming, and boasting of his rise from humble beginnings, “Gimme a Second” is a display of Peso’s talent.

7. “Peso Pesado” (feat. Arcángel)

“Peso Pesado”, a collaboration with urbano legend Arcángel, is a fast-paced, aggressive song that integrates Latin trap with Peso’s soundscape. It is quite a bold assertion of his skills in both rock and country music.

6. “Put Em in the Fridge” (featuring Cardi B)

This is one of the most memorable tracks; another Cardi B collaboration which combines Mexican rap with a brass section. The fluidity in translating the verses back and forth from English and Spanish make it a contender for song of the year easily.

5. “Bruce Wayne”

Peso Pluma proudly uses his love for superheroes in a reflective song about his journey to stardom. Reminiscing himself with Bruce Wayne similar to Spider-Man, he looks at the current lifestyle with some charm and style.

4. “Reloj” (feat. Ivan Cornejo)

In this melancholic tune, both Peso and Cornejo blend their discursive approaches for an impressive corrido tumbado. “Reloj” is another strong pick with emotional lyrics that go along with a rhythm section backed up by guitar.

3. “Vino Tinto” (featuring Natanael Cano and Gabito Ballesteros)

Equipped with an aggressive backing group and sexy up-and-down synthesizer lines, Peso and his guests created an exciting song about getting “activated” by red wine. “Vino Tinto” is one of the most passionate songs in the list which can also be regarded as an anthem.

2. La Durango (with Eslabon Armado & Junior H)

“La Durango” is a musical performance that unites the forces of Peso Pluma, Junior H, and Eslabon Armado to create a song that is worth listening to. This prestigious song narrates the ups and downs that artists go through before achieving their fame and the opulent lifestyle that comes afterwards.

1. La People II with Tito Double P, Joel de la P

Our top pick is ‘La People II’, a saga from ‘Génesis. ’ Peso, Tito, and Joel present a powerful extreme life story of a dangerous cartel figure where electrifying wordplay and sincere intensity make this song a standout of the album.

State of Mind : ‘Éxodo’ is not just a Peso Pluma album — it is a spectacular musical experience that redefined boundaries and par excellence in the modern music business. This is the ultimate album for anyone who enjoys stretching their musical tastes, with its eclectic blend of sound and daring forays into other genres.

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