Beetlejuice 2: A Spooky Spectacle with a Modern Twist

Fasten your seats for the unforgettable “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!” as the gremlins are back making a whole lot of fun on the silver screen! Recently, the directors have decided to create the second part of the movie ‘’Beetlejuice’’ which was released in 1988, that attracts both – new fans and the die-hard fans. The new ‘’Beetlejuice’’ is more like a nostalgic CPR for the youngsters who once watched the 1988 Tim Burton’s film. Enough foreplay and theory, time to look at new and old, and at last, where you can watch this ghost show at your nearby theatre.

Beetlejuice: The Animated Series (1988) vs. Beetlejuice: The Animated Series – Season 3 (2024)

Plot and Characters:

The first “Beetlejuice” was an incredibly gloomy comedy focused on the machinations of a mischievous bio-exorcist Beetlejuice, played by Michael Keaton, who assists the Maitland couple to prevent the living from evicting them from their home which they like partially because they are undead. Fast forward to 2024, “Beetlejuice Returns” is back and Keaton once again is returning as Beetlejuice with Winona Ryder as grown up Lydia Deetz, who is now a housewife with her own ghost problems. The new film also reveals Lydia’s daughter who unknowingly brings Beetlejuice into their house and he shows another round of funny horror moments.

Visuals and Effects:

For the first movie, the stop motion animation and the practical effects that the director encompasses in the film was well embraced in this series while the movie has enhanced this element with enhanced CGI which in turn builds up even more vibrant and surreally animated sequences. Nevertheless, most fans will be excited to learn that Tim Burton’s dark and quirky touch would still be present, which gives great comfort to fans of this franchise as it promises a very smooth transition from one as the other.


Paul Reubens directs the sequel, with Danny Elfman composing music again; Cobbling together a whimsical and eerie score that has allusions to the original but with contemporary flavours. Be prepared for some tracks which you may recognize along with those which could be created specifically for the film while reflecting its semi-teen semi-gothic allure.

Themes and Tone:

Following the black comedy of “Beetlejuice” from 1988, the new film fulfils the same objectives of death and the afterlife, but goes further in broaching subjects such as families, succession and above all redemption. Once again, the movie is the PG-13 version, which means that its viewership potential will not differ from that of the first part.

A Quick Look Back

The first “Beetlejuice”, directed by Tim Burton, was filmed in 1988 and now, the comedy is regarded as one of the favourite films of many people. It featured Michael Keaton as the titular villain, Beetlejuice, a contentious ghost that plays pranks and is portrayed as outrageous, fitting for a goth film that starred Winona Ryder as the lead, Lydia Deetz. Tightly intertwined elements of the dark comedy, original characters as well as bright and eccentric visuals ensured that the film became iconic.

The New Beetlejuice: What do you get with it?

Skip ahead to 2024 fresh trails, new characters, and even more hearse- arise Beetlejuice! While the new film is directed by Tim Burton’s protégé, Henry Selick, the approach is rather unconventional yet channelling the best of the previous movie.

Director’s Touch

  • 1988: [Tim Burton brought ‘Beetlejuice’ it’s gothic sensibilities, idiosyncrasies, and eerie blend of comedy. ] These factors contributed to the making of the film and Burton’s love for the macabre and unique approach to storytelling also added to the film’s noble themes.
  • 2024: Directed by : Yes was directed by Henry Selick who has worked in “Coraline” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. His talent for detailing stop-motion work along with his chilling but alluring mythology breathes fresh that is currently missing from Beetlejuice series.

Star-Studded Cast

  • Old Favourites: As for the protagonist, the lovable Michael Keaton is back as Beetlejuice which harbours the same level of madness so cherished. Winona Ryder is back as Lydia, the character is grown-up and improved which also gives the movie some familiar atmosphere.
  • New Faces: Co-starring are Gothya Barnsvill as Emma, daughter of Lydia, similarly endowed with her uncontrollable curiosity and helminth of a tongue. The titular character, Beetlejuice, is depicted by Michael Keaton, and the protagonist of the film played by Tom Holland is a young man, who stumbles upon the informal company of ghost hunters and unleashes Beetlejuice from his sleep.

Storyline and Visuals

The new movie is an exciting trip: Emma (Jenna Ortega) learns that her family had some interactions with the deceased, which somehow reassemble Beetlejuice Imagine her nightmare when she starts an unfortunate and funny chain of events by invoking this sinister character. Most of the scenes in the film remain faithful to the original; the witty black comedy and the Gothic setting remain intact but the ‘spooky’ visual effects are significantly more impressive.

Release Date and Showtimes

“Beetlejuice” 2024 will be released to stir up audiences beginning from June 20, 2024. That’s the perfect date to call it a start to the spooky season as soon as summer kicks in! The movie will be running at some specific intervals and that means it will be easy for everyone to be able to catch it. Here’s a breakdown of typical showtimes:Here’s a breakdown of typical showtimes:

  • Morning Show: 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM
  • Afternoon Show: 1:00 PM, 2:30 PM, 4:00 PM
  • Evening Show: 5:30 PM, 7:00 PM, 8:30 PM
  • Night Show: 10:00 PM, 11:30 PM

You can watch “Beetlejuice” at the following theatres:

  • AMC Theatres
  • Regal Cinemas
  • Cinemark Theatres
  • Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

To know for seats, the showtimes of a theatre of your choice, check this link: for booking tickets.

Audience Reactions and Reviews

Now the critics and the viewers have been impressed by the new ‘Beetlejuice. ’The movie has combined old and new splendidly. Here are a few snippets from early reviews:

  • The Hollywood Reporter: Boasting a great mix of action, comedy, and horror, the film turns out to be a delightful romp that follows the original but develops its own path in the realm of the supernatural .
  • Variety: My Opinion: Michael Keaton does hold that charm as ever while Jenna Ortega is indeed a capable successor to Winona Ryd
  • IGN: It is a joyous and colourful ride with a lovely message: Beetlejuice 2024 is a homecoming for tween us and our ghoul.

Trailer Reactions

The promo to the movie “Beetlejuice” was released on March 15, 2024, and the video got immensely popular almost instantly. Everyone was delighted to see Michael Keaton again returning to his Batman costume, while the arrival of new characters raised expectations of future plot. TV shows and series, social media channels and other forums were filled with reactions where the audience reacted enthusiastically, appreciating the humour, horror, and nostalgia elements of the trailer.

  • Twitter User @GhostlyFanatic: >Recently watched the trailer of Beetlejuice and it seems to be a great time to see new adventures of this character along with the family of Lydia.
  • Instagram Comment by @FilmBuff23: Michael Keaton has returned and with a better figure as well ! The new cast is fabulous too. Expecting to watch this film on the big screen.
  • YouTube Comment by @SpookyGal89: Funny enough the trailer of this brought chills. I love the new way of the trailer and it seems like the best tribute to the original.

Get to know the star cast of 2024 more!

  • Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice
  • It also featured a young and talented cast which included Winona Ryder in the role of Lydia Deetz.
  • Emma Deetz played by Jenna Ortega
  • It stars Tom Holland as Miles, a young man who can find and communicate with ghosts.
  • Olive with unamazed eyes was Johannson’s Cammy, then Catherine O’Hara comes into our view again with the comedic brilliance as Delia Deetz.

Why You Should Watch

Regardless of whether you are an old school supporter or just switching on to the Beetlejuice universe, the 2024 version has all the potential of being a fun – frightful experience. Featuring an excellent team of actors, a brilliant director, and a script that will stay loyal to the fans’ expectations as well as bring something new, this motion picture is expected to bewitch the viewers again and again. If you don’t want to miss a supernatural drama based in the context of the past and present, don’t let this show pass you by.

Don’t Miss the Spectacle!

As such, it’s safe to plan your movie night for June 20, 2024, as it is representative of what’s yet to come in terms of big movie releases. In the end, given the multiple showtime offerings, no excuse should deter you from watching this spine-chilling comedy flick. Grab your movie tickets now and prepare to say his name three times: We say his name three times, twice you’re fine, the third time Beetlejuice returns.

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