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Undoubtedly, search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important factor for any website’s success. With effective SEO strategies, any business website may struggle to rank on SERP, resulting in low visibility and hence a downfall in traffic. One of the top websites of recent times that’s been facing SEO issues and is struggling for traffic is So, what are the main SEO issues that are causing a loss in’s online visibility?

In this article, we’re going to discuss Apple com seo issues, traffic and optimization tips no gum and how the company can optimize its website for increased traffic and better search engine rankings. So let’s get started!’s SEO Issues: What’s Holding the Site Back?

Apple, one of the world’s most recognizable and largest companies, was launched about 45 years ago on April 1, 1976, and has revolutionized the tech industry. Despite its immense popularity, this complex website with many categories, products, and sections faces SEO challenges that hurt its overall performance and organic traffic. 

Being SEO professionals, we’ve analyzed this complete website and found the below-mentioned SEO issues that the website is currently facing:

Lack of Topical Authority

One of the biggest flaws of is it lacks keywords that are relevant to its products and services. Instead of focusing on a few best keywords, apple com is trying to rank for tons of keywords, diluting its authority and reducing its overall search engine rankings.

Poor Site Structure 

Another SEO issue is the poor site structure. The website contains too many pages with shallow content and a lack of clear navigation, making it challenging for search engine crawlers to understand the site’s hierarchy and relevance and to index the website’s pages.

Slow Load Times

Another SEO flaw in the official Apple website, which can negatively impact user experience and result in lower search engine rankings, is its slow loading time. should focus on compressing images, reducing file sizes and employing all the techniques that can improve website speed.

Thin Content 

Most of the product pages on have low-quality thin content, meaning the content lacks in-depth information and doesn’t provide enough value to users. This affects website rankings badly, resulting in lower traffic. To resolve this issue, the website should generate high-quality content that provides value to its users. Common Traffic Issues 

Low CTR (Click-Through Rate)

A website’s CTR is actually the number of clicks it gets divided by the total number of impressions on the website during a particular timespan. A low CTR of any website indicates a poor user experience or lack of relevance. When compared to its competitors, apple com has a relatively low CTR, which can only be improved by optimizing title tags and meta descriptions.

Continuous Google Algorithm Updates

We all SEO professionals and bloggers are well-known for Google updates and how they affect a website’s organic rankings resulting in a drop in traffic. When we analyzed, we found a significant drop in this website’s traffic after the Google BERT update in 2019 as well as 2022’s helpful content update. A website can only prevent Google from hitting during an update if it follows all ranking factors and best SEO practices.

Optimization Tips for – The Key to Success

Apple Com SEO Issues Traffic And Optimization Tips Nuogum: On-page SEO Fixes

Improve Site Structure and Navigation

As already discussed, apple com must focus on improving its site structure and navigation by organizing its pages into categories and creating a clear hierarchy. This will not only improve a website’s user experience but also aid search engine crawlers in indexing the website’s pages, resulting in a boost in its traffic.

Create Quality Content and Optimize for Relevant Keywords

To improve its search engine rankings, should first conduct keyword research related to its products and services and then generate high-quality, informative, engaging and in-depth content optimized with these keywords. Apple com should also pay attention to using long-tail keywords in the content, as these are easy to rank and attract more traffic.

Improve Internal Linking should also focus on improving interlinking structure as it’s an important on-page SEO factor. For interlinking, apple should use the right anchor text and link to relevant pages together in order to create a clear hierarchy of website pages.

Optimize Title Tags and Meta Descriptions 

Optimization of title tags and meta descriptions is a crucial on-page SEO factor that can bring a positive impact on the website’s CTR, thus improving its search engine rankings. Apple com should optimize title tags and meta descriptions by incorporating targeted keywords and writing compelling descriptions that can encourage users to click through to the website resulting in a traffic increase. 

Apple Com SEO Issues Traffic And Optimization Tips Nuogum: Off-page SEO Fixes

Build High-quality Backlinks 

We, as SEO professionals, know very well the importance of high-quality backlinks for the search engine rankings and overall domain authority of the website. So should pay special attention to building high-quality backlinks from relevant and reputable websites in its industry. It should also look for guest posts and niche edit opportunities.

Social Signals – Social Media Engagement should also leverage social media platforms to engage with its audience and promote its content. It should ensure an active social presence on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. It should share valuable content, respond to users’ comments, and foster a discussion to compel the audience to like, share and comment on the content. This will help to increase website traffic.

Apple Com SEO Issues Traffic And Optimization Tips Nuogum: Technical SEO Fixes

Optimize Page Loading Speed

A website’s loading speed is a major factor that can increase or decrease a website’s traffic by affecting its user experience. In today’s digitally advanced era, when people have so many options and are busy, don’t wait longer for the website to load. If a website takes longer loading time than normal, it negatively impacts the user experience and leads to high bounce rates resulting in an overall decrease in search engine ranking.

When we check in Google page speed insights, we found that the website speed on mobile is 45 out of 100 and while that for desktop speed is 78 out of 100. This score is quite low, indicating that the website may take longer time in loading. To optimize the website loading speed, should follow the below optimization tips:

Optimize Images: One of the best ways to increase page speed is optimizing images without compromising quality. Apple com should use the tinyPNG tool to compress images and then convert these PNG/JPG images to WEBP using the cloud convert tool.

Minify Javascript and CSS: can minify unused CSS and Javascript files in order to improve its page loading speed. can also leverage the cons of the content delivery network (CDN) to deliver its website content more efficiently to its regular users.

Note: If you, the website owners, want to monitor your website speed, you can use online speed testing tools like GTmetrix or  Google PageSpeed

Make the Website Mobile Friendly

In today’s mobile-centric world, optimizing websites for mobile devices is important. In the case of majority of the audience came from mobile devices, but unfortunately, this website is facing challenges in providing a seamless mobile experience. To address the issue, apple com should adopt a responsive website design, optimize the website speed for mobile devices and make the content (headings, bullets, images) mobile-friendly.

Improve URL Structure

Undoubtedly, a website’s URL structure is an important ranking factor, but to its bad luck, again fails in optimizing its product page URL. For Instance, the URL for the Apple Watch Series 6 product page is

If you’ve got the eyes to see, you may observe the URL is too long and complicated with a lot of irrelevant information that can confuse not only the audience but also the search engines.

To improve the URL structure, should try to create simple, short URLs containing relevant keywords only.

Implement Schema Markup should utilize the Schema markup to provide search engines with more context about the website’s content, such as product information and reviews, making it easier for the search engines to understand the content and improve their search engine rankings.

Fix Broken Links and Error Pages

The presence of broken links and error pages badly impact user experience and search engine rankings. To address this issue, should regularly check for error pages and broken links and then fix them in order to improve its rankings.

Fix Duplicate Content Issue

Duplicate content on different pages of the same website of different web pages may negatively impact the website’s SEO. A search engine like Google always tries to provide users with the best possible search results. When different pages have the same content, it causes keyword canalization, making it difficult for the search engine to determine which page to show the search results. This results in a decrease in website ranking and loss of traffic. 

As is a massive website, it has many product pages with duplicate content, which is another major cause of its traffic loss. To improve website ranking, Apple com should fix the duplicate content issue by rewriting the content of pages with the same content.


That’s all about Apple Com SEO Issues Traffic And Optimization Tips Nuogum. From our analysis, we conclude that is facing a variety of SEO challenges ranging from website structure to content, backlinking and then technical issues. However, by implementing all the strategies we’ve shared in this guide, Apple com can greatly boost its website traffic and overall search engine rankings.

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