An Auspicious Shravan Month- A Blessing For All Hindus

Why Shravan month is Auspicious?

Shravan Month

Har Har Mahadev! Shravan month, otherwise called Shravana or Sawan, holds incredible importance for Indians, especially those following Hinduism. It falls during the storm season in the Hindu schedule, generally relating to July and August in the Gregorian schedule. Lord Shiva’s name and mantras are being heard everywhere. This is the proof that out very auspicious month has started. As per the legend, Lord shiva had consumed the poison that were obtained during the churning of ocean called Samudra Manthan. Lord shiva saved the humanity from that poison. It was difficult to digest. It raises the fire within Lord shiva. Then all the devis and devatas along with Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma they offered a milk and water to lord shiva to provide coolness to some extent. In another legend, the offering of milk and water to lord shiva was a gesture of thanks as he saved the planet. The Shravan month has already begun. If you get a chance to visit any nearby shiva temple I can guarantee that you will be mesmerized by the loud chants of Om Namah Shivaay. India is a country which is full of festivals but I think any month or festival related to lord shiva has another level of following. There are a few motivations behind why Shravan month is viewed as significant for Indians:

Strict Observances during the Shravan Month

Shravan month is devoted to Ruler God Shiva, one of the vital gods in Hinduism. It is accepted that during this month, Ruler Shiva played out the vast dance of Tandava, and his lovers quick, love, and deal petitions to look for his favors and security. Mondays in Shravan month, known as “Shravan Somvar,” are viewed as particularly promising, and lovers rush to Shiva sanctuaries to perform exceptional customs. Being a Hindu I am sure at least once in a lifetime you must have visited a shiva temple.

You will get goosebumps if you go there during Shravan month. Lord shiva’s another name is Bholenath. He is so innocent that he blesses every one who surrenders himself under his lotus feet. He doesn’t even think once before granting them wishes. He just sees that the devotee has asked something.

Fasting and Atonement in Shravan Month

Numerous Hindus notice diets during Shravan to exhibit their commitment to Ruler Shiva. Honestly, fasting doesn’t matter but the intentions do. Fasting rehearses differ from one locale to another, yet normal ceremonies incorporate going without specific food sources and eating just one time per day or polishing off just unambiguous products of the soil. I am amazed to find out that our hindu Vedas are full of knowledge. Whatever the modern world is discovering now has already been discovered by our sages.

Presenting of Blessed Water

Shravan Month

The pouring of heavenly water or milk over the Shiva Linga is a typical work on during Shravan. Enthusiasts accept that this act satisfies Master Shiva and brings favor’s upon them. Many people go on a Kaavad Yatra to bring Ganges Water to offer lord shiva. It is said that one who does abhisheka with Ganges water brought through Kaavad yatra get immense blessings of Lord shiva. Raavan was the first person who brought water through kavad.

Many of you who do not know what is kaavad then let me explain you here: People go on a journey to bring water from Ganges. While coming back home with Ganges water people walk all the way from cities where River Ganga flows to their home town carrying all the JAL on their shoulders for lord shiva.

Journeys or Shravan month yatra

During Shravan month, various journey locales committed to Ruler Shiva witness a critical deluge of lovers. Places like Amarnath (Jammu and Kashmir), Kedarnath (Uttarakhand), and Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) are especially famous for journeys during this month. As we all know the Shravan month is a rainy season so when we go on a yatra you get to experience the beauty of the nature in mountains. I must say, you come back home with thousands of memories that you made during the journey. You will cherish each and every moment that you spent while meeting the Lord shiva.

Merry Festivals

In certain locales, Shravan month is set apart by enthusiastic celebrations and fairs. For instance, in Maharashtra, the Koli people group observes “Narali Purnima,” where individuals offer coconuts to the ocean to look for endowments for a protected rainstorm season. Likewise, “Raksha Bandhan,” a celebration commending the connection among family, frequently falls during this month. I feel that every day is a festival during the month of Shravan.

Social Importance

Shravan Month is well-established in Indian culture and customs. Individuals embrace their otherworldliness, associate with their foundations, and partake in different strict and social exercises during this time. India has a very diverse culture. But the beauty of India is that everyone celebrates the same festival but call them with different names.

Rainstorm Season: The appearance of Shravan month harmonizes with the storm season in many pieces of India. The downpours are urgent for horticulture and renewing water sources, making this month horticulturally critical also. This month we get water in the form of rains. The rains in Shravan month is helpful for agriculture and harvesting. It helps to cure the draught. It fulfills the need of water that we need on our earth. In fact these rains give life to animals and birds.     

Generally speaking, Shravan month conveys huge strict and social importance for Indians, and it assumes an essential part in their lives, cultivating a feeling of commitment, otherworldliness, and solidarity. This auspicious month is always close to my heart. The best part is that this year we get 8 Mondays or savan somvar to seek blessings from Lord shiva. Though Lord shiva always blesses humanity but during the Shravan month we as a human seek blessings from him. In the end, I would congratulate to all the devotees of Lord Shiva for this auspicious month. Har Har Mahadev!

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