All About Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey net worth

You might not know Mary Lee Harvey by name, but she was once married to Steve Harvey, the famous comedian and TV host. Their divorce made a lot of news because it was pretty messy. Let’s take a closer look at Mary’s life, her time with Steve, and all the drama that happened after they split. Mary became well-known as Steve Harvey’s second wife and is also the mom of Steve’s son, Wynton.

Who is mary lee harvey

Mary Lee Harvey was born in Texas in 1960 and worked as a makeup artist in the 1980s and 1990s. We don’t know much about her early life, but she hinted in a YouTube video that her relationship with her dad wasn’t great.

She talked about how her childhood, especially living with her father, wasn’t pleasant. Mary wanted the kind of relationship she never had, especially with her dad.

Most folks know Mary Lee Harvey because she was married to the famous Steve Harvey for nine years. They had a son together named Wynston. That part of her life made her pretty well-known to many people.

Full NameMary Lee Shackelford (known as Mary Lee Harvey)
Popularly Known AsMary Lee Harvey
Date of BirthOctober 20, 1960
Age (as of 2023)63 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
Place of BirthArlington, Texas, United States
Current ResidenceArlington, Texas, United States
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown
Height (cm)170
Height (ft and inches)5 feet 7 inches
Weight (kg)65
Weight (lbs)143
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandSteve Harvey
OccupationMakeup artist
Net Worth$500,000

What is the networth of Mary Lee Harvey

Following their divorce, Mary Lee Harvey reportedly possesses an estimated net worth of $500,000. Post-separation, Steve provided her with a monthly allowance of $40,000, extending as welfare and adjustment care until March 2009.

Additionally, during that same month, the television personality granted her a substantial amount of $1.5 million. Moreover, as part of the divorce settlement, she acquired three properties belonging to Steve.

 Marriage of Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey

In 1989, destiny brought the couple together at an Arlington, Texas mall. Mary, a skilled makeup artist, caught the eye of Steve, a stand-up comedian navigating life while still committed to his first wife, Marcia Harvey.

Their journey into a relationship remains somewhat veiled, the precise start shrouded in mystery. However, it was only in 1996 that they took the significant step of marriage, a decision made two years subsequent to Steve’s separation from Marcia.

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Divorce Of Mary Lee and Steve Harvey

Following their divorce in 2005, Mary Lee and Steve Harvey found themselves embroiled in a public battle with allegations and legal disputes that continued for years. The divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences,” was just the beginning of a tumultuous saga.

In 2011, Mary took to YouTube, accusing Steve of abandoning her, leaving her homeless, influencing their son against her, and manipulating the legal system. She claimed infidelity, asserting that Steve had cheated on her with his now-third wife, Marjorie Harvey, while they were still married. Mary even presented purported intercepted emails between Steve and Marjorie as evidence.

However, court documents contradicted Mary’s claims, revealing a different reality. Far from destitution, she received three of Steve’s properties in the divorce settlement. Financially, Steve had been providing her with substantial monthly payments until March 2009, when he paid her $1.5 million. The court also debunked the allegation that Steve withheld their son, showing that she sent the child to Steve without his knowledge, leading to Steve gaining full custody.

In response to Mary’s public statements violating the divorce’s gag order, Steve sued her for contempt of court and defamation. The legal battle continued, resulting in Mary’s 2013 arrest and a 30-day jail sentence for contempt of court.

Years later, in 2018, Mary resurfaced with a $60 million lawsuit against Steve, accusing him of child endangerment, torture, and causing “soul murder” during the fallout of their highly publicized divorce. However, the lawsuit was dismissed by a judge, labeled as baseless and untrue by Steve’s legal team.

The saga between Mary and Steve Harvey is a complex tale of public allegations, legal confrontations, and conflicting narratives that persisted long after their divorce, ultimately culminating in legal dismissals and refutations of the claims made against Steve.

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Mary Lee Harvey faced numerous difficulties commonly associated with divorce, exacerbated by the overwhelming public scrutiny due to her ex-husband’s celebrity status. Despite the finalization of their divorce in 2005, her legal disputes with Steve Harvey persisted, culminating in her continued legal battles until 2018.

Meanwhile, Steve Harvey moved on to marry Marjorie in 2007 and has since maintained a contented and enduring marriage with her. Through these challenging times, Mary Lee Harvey grappled with the aftermath of the divorce while navigating the complexities of public attention, whereas Steve Harvey found happiness in his subsequent marriage.

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