5 Best Indian Street Food In USA

No Introduction required for Indian Street Food

Be in India, be it USA or be it another country. Being an Indian my love for an Indian Street food remains same. I often feel that Indian street food is the yummiest food I have ever tasted in my life. Starting from Golgappe to aloo ki tikki, Bhalla papdi and many more. India has 28 states and every state has its own street food. Basically, India street food is a combination of sweet, sour, salty, spicy flavours. Once you taste it then you resist yourself from reslishing the food again and again. I am sure people who are from Indian region can relate to this and can’t deny the fact that this flavoursome food is the best food the once can taste ever. Honestly, its been more than 5 years I am staying in USA. The country is good, even I get to eat India street food here in USA many times. But I miss India and the Indian Street food.

My Love for Indian Street Food

I still remember when I got my visa I was very happy but somewhere in the back of the mind I was battling with my funny thoughts that I will be away from the Indian street food. How would I survive? Any ways, here in Ohio we have a wonderful Indian restaurant and they sell Indian street would that can satisfy my cravings.  SO my story started from 2014. I was young girl who had big dreams. To fulfil those big dreams I decided to move to USA. Wait wait wat, it wasn’t that easy to move from India to America. But parents were quite supportive so they let me go. You won’t believe I was 22 when I came here in the USA. I had time for around 35 days to pack my bags and all belongings. I still remember during those 35 days, Every single day I used to go the street vendor who used to sell golgappas.

Then the day came and I fled away to USA. New country new city new people new food new neighbours. I had a feeling that I am lost somewhere. This was a new struggle that I was struggling with. It took almost 20 days to adjust in the new atmosphere with the new people. After 20 days, I decided to look for an Indian restaurant where I can get India street food. Finally I got the one, till now its been 5 years but I still visit the place and relish the tastiest food. I am from Delhi, India and people from Delhi, every one knows that how the Delhiites enjoys the food.They are big time foodies. And when it comes to Indian street food then the variety is end less. Delhi is a hub of street food. We get every thing and every taste here in Delhi is awesome. I used to vist Chandani chowk every day after collage just to enjoy those spicy golgappe, tikki, momos etc.        

Here are the restaurant that actually sells yummiest Indian street food in USA:

  • Brij Mohan Indian Restraunt

OMG, the kind of vast variety they sell is commendable. And taste is incomparable. This was the first indan restaurant I had found after coming to America. Since then, I am a fan of this place. If you every get  a chance to visit the place then you will get to know. So Brij mohan restrant is on the top of the list.

  • The Indian Bistro Restraunt:

What an ambience, so beautiful and the staff was very humble. I had visited there 5-6 times. I love the food out there. I won’t say it is a pocket friendly but there are some dishes that you actually would love to spend on. For e.g Dal makhani. I really cant over the dal makhani that I had from there just 20 days ago.

  •   Biryani Hut Indian Restraunt.

I have no words to express the gratitude towards this restrant. OMG a simple grain of rice can do wonders, now I got ti know. Be it veg or be it non-veg both are delicious. I mean you forget the favourite dialogue of every briyani lover that “Biryani nhi pulao hai”. You can actually taste the grains and thank me later.

  • Amul Indian Restraunt

No Intro required as the name suggest . They have huge variety of packaged Inidan street food and other type of foods as well. I am keeping this on number 4 because when you bring those packaged food you cant’ enjoy the extras chutney and all. Moreover, it is a packaged food so the freshness is already missing. But rest is good. All tasted are intact. 


Being an Indian I can’t resist myself from Indian Street food. I have travelled till now 4 different countries. I have tasted variety of food till now. But no one can beet the taste of Indian Street Food. My priory is always an Indian street food. I feel happy and proud when I see people from USA go to India especially to enjoy the Indian food. The best part is India street food is full of spices but still it is gut friendly and it doesn’t torcher you stomach. In fact, there are some foods that tastes so good but helps in digestion. So my next visit to Indian will take me to another street of India to relish some other foods.

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